NCW Waste & Recycle Directory

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Confused about recycling?
We're here to help. 

With so many changes happening in the last several years on the recycling front, it is no wonder that NCW residents find it difficult to distinguish waste from recyclables. We created a Waste resource page but it's not the easiest to navigate, with a long list of materials. Even still, residents and business owners are regularly asking Sustainable Wenatchee staff, “How do I properly dispose of this?” and “Where to recycle that?”.


In 2014, those same questions and concerns  led the Spokane River Forum to develop an online waste and recycle directory for Spokane ad Kootenai counties.  This searchable, interactive directory makes it easy for small businesses and the public to find out where to recycle or dispose of waste and recyclables. 


We have the opportunity to create a similar resource and success story for NCW. Sustainable Wenatchee, in partnership with the Spokane River Forum, has developed a proposal to create a waste and recycle directory for NCW. 


A few examples of what a waste and recycle directory could do for you:


  1. You are opening a small gift shop downtown and will be generating a large amount of cardboard. Using the waste and recycle directory, you would easily discover that the Wenatchee Rescue Mission runs a cardboard recycling service, at one-fourth the monthly cost of other recycling vendors.

  2. You purchased an appliance or large tool for business or home use, packed huge blocks of Styrofoam that are difficult to deal with. Using the waste and recycle directory, you would find that Wenatchee’s Dolco Packaging plant accepts Styrofoam and turns it into other useful products.

  3. You inherited an old indoor weather station with non-functional gages and a mercury-filled thermometer. Knowing that mercury is highly toxic, you realize that you should dispose of the weather station properly. Using the waste and recycle directory, you would see that Chelan County residents can take items containing mercury to the Moderate Risk Waste Facility. Douglas County residents can drop them off during a Hazardous Waste Collection Event or mail-in via AERC Recycling's“RecycleKits” for mercury-containing products.

The examples are endless!

Help us, help you!

If you would find a directory like this useful, please support Sustainable Wenatchee’s campaign to fund the development of an online waste and recycle directory for NCW!


To donate, visit Sustainable Wenatchee's GoFundMe Charity page here.