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Sustainable Wenatchee is a 501(c)3 non-profit that promotes a culture of environmental stewardship and social sustainability in the Wenatchee Valley.

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Photo donated by Frank Cone

Tandi Rolen

Board President

Born and raised in the Wenatchee Valley, Tandi is the owner and operator of The Hunter's Wife. Tandi began her career as a hairdresser and making people feel beautiful on the outside, but decided to dive deeper into helping people feel just as beautiful on the inside using the power of plant-based nutrition. She improved her own health and well-being at the age of 21, becoming a passionate foodie who enjoys sharing vegan cuisine with the world. She is a certified yoga instructor and health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Tandi enjoys being active in the community and local farmers market, as well as assisting others in becoming the greatest versions of themselves. "It took many years for me to realize that the planetary body is an extension of my body. Along my earlier journey I never cared about the environment. It wasn't until I healed my physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body that I began to realize it's all connected. My new passion is to create a business model and a lifestyle model that will inspire others to consider their actions on their planetary body health and well-being." 

Joan Qazi

Board Secretary

Joan once wrote her six-word memoir as ‘wants to tread lightly, travel far’.  She is a Geographer (read explorer), specializing in sustainable food systems and climate justice.  Joan earned her PhD from the University of Washington with a dissertation on women’s work in NCW’s apple industry and has been teaching at Wenatchee Valley College for 23 years.  Over the last year, she developed a new Introduction to Sustainability course and trained with Al Gore to become a Climate Reality Leader.  “Above all, I am a mother of two biological sons and an adopted daughter, so I want to meet our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs!”

Griselda Gonzalez

Board Member

Griselda was born in Mexico and came to the United States at the age of ten years old. After working over 10 years in the banking industry, she decided to look for something different and was hired at Chelan County PUD. She started as a Customer Accounts Specialist and after two years had the opportunity to become an Energy Resource & Conservation Representative for the Conservation Department.  In that role, she processes the energy conservation rebates for customers and is always looking for learning opportunities on how to help them save energy.  She also manages the renewable energy incentives for the PUD's solar, wind, and hydro producers.  This new career is something Griselda did not imagine for herself, but she really enjoys helping educate customers when it comes to energy efficiency and what upgrades can be made in their homes to make that possible.

Betsy Dudash

Board Member

Betsy, a recent transplant from the Midwest, is a self-employed landscape horticulturist and designer.  She grew up gardening, camping, hiking, and canoeing. “My parents taught us to enjoy and appreciate nature. My earliest memories are of being in the veggie garden with my mom. My dad taught me how to canoe as well as compost, prune, and dig a Christmas tree. I still remember our Saturday morning trips to the recycling center.” Betsy grew up in northeast Ohio but has also lived in central Indiana, northern Virginia, The Netherlands, and upstate New York. She took her first horticulture course while living in Ithaca, New York, but didn’t earn her degree from Purdue University till 10 years later. For Betsy, being an environmental steward is about the small choices we make every day, and being a part of Sustainable Wenatchee means the chance to share her knowledge and enthusiasm. 

Jenny Montgomery

Board Member

Jenny has called the Wenatchee Valley home for approximately 10 years. She moved here after college in her early 20s and immediately felt at home but did not fully dive into the community until she hit 30. “Something slowly started to change in me. I had ping after ping to get involved and finally I could not ignore it. I stopped being shy and discounting myself and volunteered. As that was happening, Sustainable Wenatchee posted that they were looking for advocates to join their adventure. As soon as I saw the post, I knew this was the community group I had been looking for. I became Sustainable Wenatchee’s first ambassador. I have a busy and demanding work schedule so an ambassador role allowed me to tiptoe into action, share, learn a lot and volunteer on my own time. This year I decided to expand my commitment and join the board of directors. Although this is a new non-profit, I see so much good in Sustainable Wenatchee’s community reach and relatable approach to environmental issues. I hope I can fill a practical and fresh space on the board and maybe even influence a few others to get involved. Sustainability truly allows me to expand my creativity and that’s something I want to share. It opens my mind and challenges me to build things, grow my food and buy less. As an ambassador and a board member I am committed to share  projects, my efforts to limit waste in my home, tidbits of my plant based diet, a window into volunteer work and a continued support to our tread lightly businesses. If we ease into change and eliminate fear, we can make a difference together. Every little bit counts." Jenny currently works as the Communications Provisioning Department & Field Manager at LocalTel. 


Tasha Kaye

Board Member

Tasha developed a deep love for the outdoors while growing up in the woods located near Lake Wenatchee, WA. After high school, she decided to trade in the trees for the concrete jungle and relocated to Seattle, WA. There she attended college and started her medical career in clinical management and hospital sustainability education. During the 13 years living in the Seattle area, she developed a strong passion for sustainability and an equally strong voice for animal rights. She has since become certified by the T. Colin Campbell Institute in plant-based nutrition and promotes the benefits of consuming fewer animal products. She also writes for a bi-lingual environmental education magazine titled Eco-Logica Magazine and is a small business owner making reusable produce bags. “I once heard a quote: 'The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.' This is so true. Right then and there I took a stand. To help make this planet as healthy as possible so we can all enjoy it. No act is ever too small, and no voice is ever unheard. Each of us holds the power to save our earth, and everyone can individually do their part.” Tasha has since moved back in the Wenatchee Valley with her 10-year-old son and works in Human Resources at Columbia Valley Community Health. She is an avid trail runner and can find her up in the hills on most weekends. She also loves creating plant-based recipes for blogs, sewing/crocheting, serving at church and drinking coffee... lots of coffee.  

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